Bus Ministry

Since the 1970’s Bethel has been sending out a fleet of buses to Hamilton neighborhoods on Sunday mornings and bringing people to church! The belief that anyone who wants to go to church should be able to get to church has been a long-standing value at BGT. Bethel continues to send out four big blue buses and three mini-buses every Sunday morning, covering routes throughout the city and bringing people to church.

If you would like to catch a BGT bus to a Sunday morning service, please contact the church to find out if you live near one of the neighborhoods our buses service. Call (905) 387-6530 during the week from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, or drop by and visit our Reception Desk during weekday business hours or after one of our Sunday services.


You don’t have to be at BGT long before you notice that we value the impact organized sports can have in a community. BGT has a history of offering sports programs as a way to engage with children, young people, young adults – and really every age demographic! – in order to promote health and fitness, and to serve our community.

Our latest project was the development of BGT Sports Park – a state of the art, regulation size outdoor soccer field in the spring of 2016 on the north side of our property. We offer a coed outdoor soccer program for children aged U5 (born in 2016) to U15 (born in 2006).

Our outdoor space also includes a beach volleyball court.

Indoors, our Gymnasium allows us to be active throughout the winter! It is regularly used for indoor soccer, volleyball, and group games.


We Share is BGT’s benevolent ministry. We stock a supply of food items, clothing and baby supplies for those who find themselves in a position of need.

Looking To Get Involved?

The beauty of the church is that we all get to bring our gifts and talents together to build a place for other people to connect with Jesus, and advance His kingdom.